Who am I


Who am I ?

     I have been a dental hygienist for over thirty years. My children’s father says that I loved that field because I have a captive audience. They cannot speak. Well, in my older years I have learned when time allows to ask my patients who they are and they light up. I am a person interested in other people because my God made me a relational being. And so I begin, blogging and tweeting in this world and adding my wisdom, that only comes from being in and out of many seasons as this process called life blesses us with wisdom of time and the great Grace and Mercy that  my God has given me.

I am a blessed mother of four and a greatly amazed and blessed grandmother of seven. This is for you and I want you to let me know back what wisdom do you need dear one, because God has made Him available right now through Jesus and His gift of the Comforter.

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Irene once Potter, then Bell now adding Becker.

Irene BellBecker alias NANA