Grandchildren are so cool? Why

So Would you ask, Why are grandchildren so cool? A non scientific study, asking various patients of mine, why are they are so special. It is hard to put the finger on it exactly. Partly because grandchildren are not our total responsibility we can see them a little more distantly. When they are born hopefully we are older and little more cognizant of how often kids do not make it. Life in the US is a bit more easily survived but still things happen. Babies do not always make it out after nine months. Babies are born with handicaps. Babies are vulnerable for a long time and take a lot of care. Our three year old grandson was in neonatal ICU for a week. Then we have the fact that we may not be so rushed, or are we. If we are beginning to have wisdom we are not so rushed. We can patiently wait and see how the little ones are sponges and they are absorbing everything around them. We realize in a more profound way that they do what we do not what we say, and more importantly they are our heroes. Because we can be theirs. I had a patient share the other day that the greatest gift in the world is that his three and one half year old grandson thinks grandpa is funny. Grandparents will often take the time for the little ones because as the time continuum marches on we realize how fleeting our life really is, and how as we get older we have realized how fast it all really goes.

We are not so stressed to realize that even if we are not perfect parents our kids can grow up and be wonderful contributing adults, even friends. They are refreshing as spring, a sign of new beginnings like the advice to know that if we forget the past we can begin our day new each day and make all new mistakes.. thank you that God’s mercies are new each day. And as our own children can be forgiving then our grandchildren can forgive us even more and quickly because we have time. Is that not all our children want from us is our time? We can wisely know that the only thing that really matters in life is relationships and that grandkids are worth just spending time with them. So celebrate if you have grandchildren. Celebrate if you have children and could have grandchildren. If you are old enough to have grandchildren and do not, go find some children that also do not have parents or grandparents and just spend time with them. It will bless you .