Nana’s Ways to Keep in Touch

  I have two grandchildren that live near me. Staying close to them is an easy thing, they come over several times a week. We go to the park and we go swimming and we go many places. I am always searching for things that we can go and do that does not cost us much to do. We live in Atlanta, Ga. area and there are many things to do that cost plenty of money. In the indoor days there are many creative things to do, but that is another topic.

Today I want to talk about the five grandchildren that are about a seven hour drive away.

We make as many trips as we can afford right now and often are taking long weekends to do that. That is great , but in lieu of that we are experimenting with other ways. The oldest son is ten and he is typing and now attempting email through his mom’s email. I am working on getting my son to hook up a camera to do skype. One of my patients said that her grandchild knew her after watching her on skype. The baby knew her voice and face and they actually had a great time when they finally met because of those connections.

 I still believe in snail mail especially when we are trying to make new connections with children. There is nothing like a small hand written note that you could reread time after time or pictures to send and  I like to include stickers that you can buy at a big lots cheap or a dollar type store.

You can have several little things that you could put in the flat envelopes  so you don’t have to spend a lot on shipping. I do know that a small shipping fee may be worth putting a bunch of little trinkets wrapped in a box. When my children were young my Mom always sent so many little things to the kids that often were of less value than the cost of the box mailing. To this day my adult children remember the effort that she made to think of them on holidays.  They knew she did not have much money or spend a lot to let them know she wanted connection with them. With talking, and texting, mail, email, facebook,

Twitter, there are lots of electronic methods to keep in touch. The main thing is to keep in touch. Being a grandma is the best.

New years day has come and gone

New Years day has come and gone. Since I have moved around the United States and lived in different places I have made notes on the different new year celebrations. Some people eat black eyed peas and cabbage. In the south collard greens are a special treat and normally easy to come by even in the beginning of winter.
In NW Arkansas they had to have cabbage and corned beef. Certain foods would indicate good luck if you ate them the first day of the year. I live in Atlanta, a very cosmopolitan, international, city, and I have the privilege of meeting people from all over the world. As I learn about other people and their way of celebrating different things I learned that not every one has the same new year. My Chinese Student friends have a new year shortly after the calendar new year we celebrate. In 2011 it is Feb 3 and the year of the rabbit. Apparently they have a very old calendar and base it on the lunar cycles so it changes all the time. So I can commemorate new year again. Then my Iranian boss celebrates on the spring solstice often at Sunday 2:oopm March 20.
Ah and then in the fall the Jewish new year begins September 28 2011 at sundown. Let’s see, that makes, one two, three, four, new starts. Each one has a different way of celebrating although I enjoy the ones that include food, so many different types of that. Then there can be new goals, new guidance, new excitement.
One of my favorite scripture that allows me to have a renewed mercy every morning is lamentations 3:20-23(amplified version)
But this I recall, and therefore I have hope and expectation: It is because of the Lord’s mercy and loving kindness that we are not consumed, because His tender compassions (mercy) never fail. They are new every morning, great and abundant is Your stability and faithfulness.
As I meet the one true Jesus in the morning with worship to commune with His father, I am reminded that I have a new chance every morning (or whenever I ask) for new mercy and forgiveness anytime I have the courage to repent, forgive and be forgiven. Lots of chance for new beginnings.

After Christmas

The Christmas tree is put away, the bells and stars are in the box, but the angel is still on the fireplace. Ever since we found a fun angel to inspire the grandchildren I do not put that away. And of course the one string of lights on the balcony stays up for an occasional treat with the grandkids to get a little Christmas spirit in between times.(OK. They could have been talking about me when they sang a country song about leaving the porch lights up all year. I would do that but my husband put the lights away without me L)  So this year all four of my children got together with seven grandchildren and all the effort and cooking and planning became a sweet treat to me and my husband. On Christmas morning with my oldest sons four babies,  the four year old put a bow on my robe and said to me “Nana, you are my Christmas present.” I have replayed those word in my head and treasured the sweet smile and voice that gave me acceptance and love with no expectation in return.I was just doing a study on Worship, allowing our Father  spirit to spirit  to know we love and value the most significant thing in life, our relationship to the creator. As we fast the first 21 days of 2011 we are acknowledging an importance to be in relationship with our Lord as the most important thing that we do. One song I sing says, You(God) are the air that I breathe. In the article I read that God is waiting for us to worship Him spontaneously with a response maybe a bit like the thrill that I got from my grandson. Time together was the gift.  So I began to think if I come to the Creator I love so much enough, No never enough. But if I can just worship as I wake each day and consider that He is the first and last thing I  want to do with my day I believe that I will have and continue to have a grasp on the grace (rivers of joy unleashed in my heart..) that He promises us as believers. What a great exchangenana you are my gift