Jesus is alive

Today we are deep into the season of summer and at our church we have a program called Breakthrough to Joy. I facilitate a small group we have after our praise team leads us to His spirit. Then we have a teaching . Then we have an hour small group. This program is developed by the Oaks of Righteousness team(the Robinsons and others) and they are in process to get the program on the web for others to enjoy. I have facilitated small groups for 6 years. The time I went to take the class myself, my father went home. I did not think he was going to be with my Jesus but I was shown by the Lord, that he is singing in His choir. Several faithful praying people reached him for Christ at the end of his 88 years. Amen. This program set me free, and I think the prayers and “outside of time” work that I did with Jesus has made a difference in my life, and I have seen it in my children’s lives. Until I came to Liberty church in Marietta, Ga.  I had never experienced anything like it and I have worked alongside of others to show everyone who wants to know that you can have an intimate relationship with Jesus.  He will set us free from wrong ways of doing and thinking. The principles are all in the Bible but when worked together to perfect a relationship with Jesus, He shows up and will change your heart, even the subconscious heart that we know not of. It strengthens families and the body of Christ for bringing Glory to our Lord. Check it out through, (we have one on one prayer ministry available) or through Liberty that is full of major resources from our talented teachers and pastors, it is all on the web.



Ok, today I am trending a turnaround.

Have you ever had a water pipe that began to leak, all of a sudden. A hole appears and water is gushing out and it is going everywhere, or a septic backup and human waste is coursing back into your house. Well, you have to call a plumber or if you are young and healthy you must fix it, right away. It is not a problem that you can ponder and process the way to fix because other wise the problem with grow, and expand and damage so much more.

So it was sort of with me as I had a physical health problem build a large wall in my life right in front of me blocking everything from going forward, and I am through incredible, pain, mission failure and angst.
I apologize for being so long since I made a blog entry. I have gone through some crazy sickness and energy collapse.

I have written about my health journey and you can read under personal health on my blog if you are interested. It is about our broken system. If you never have experienced and if you are nearer the 50 yr mark get ready cause if you are unfortunate in health you will walk through the broken doors. I never have understood with all the American knowledge and smarts how we let our healthcare system get so corrupt and ineffective for the average patient. That doesn’t mean the workers are that way they seem to be trapped in the same kind of system. We have other countries to study who have health care systems why can’t we study them and pic what works well and leave what doesn’t?