Accidental Gardener part1

Sometimes we just can”t do things the way we always used to or the Better Homes and garden way. This is a series of ideas and videos to help the gardener try new things with what you have and see how they work. Last year we grew watermelons sort of accidentally in a garden that was not officially ready. We got two good ones so we were ahead by accident, hence the name. Enjoy, be creative and share your accidentally good ideas.

Moms advice re Diapers today

When my kids were babies the disposable diaper just came out(30 years ago.)
In talking to ladies that I know new moms and mothers looking for changes in cost and environmental issues I asked my daughter –in – law, now working with her fifth child what the latest on using non disposable diapers was. It is apparent that they have improved and the savings are enormous to use non disposable. There are many choices. She kindly outlines her experiences and so I thought I would share the wealth of her knowledge. Her email is as follows:


My favorites…

Fuzzi Bunz….I personally prefer the perfect size, but I did like the one size also. This is what I have the most of because I love them. These are pocket diapers meaning the outside is made of PUL(a plastic material), then there is a really soft layer of material inside that stays by babies bottom. You stuff an “insert” in the back of the diaper between these two layers(in the “pocket”). This is great in helping baby sleep all night and preventing rashes because the wetness isn’t on the skin. The downside is you can’t use creams or powders with pocket diapers or it will ruin them.

Happy Hineys (These are great for new borns! I haven’t had any for bigger babies yet.) These are also pockets.
Rumparoos….I have used the covers of this brand and love them. They are a little snug fitting so keep that in mind for chubby babies. Great about not leaking!
Charlie Banana is a brand that a I have heard nothing but good about. They are like a fuzzi bun but more expensive. They also have disposable inserts that can be used if you need them.
Kawaii are very cheap and work great. Not a lot of prints to choose from and a little bulkier but I have had no problems with them and love the price. They run a little small.
Thirsties…I really like this wrap. I have not used there diapers.
I have one Bum Genius pocket diaper. It works fine but I personally prefer my Fuzzi Bunz.
Mommy’s Touch is my favorite wrap. Fits great to any baby and doesn’t leak. I only have one because I felt it was expensive, but I have to say it was worth it and I wish I had more. It is a little overwhelming when you see all those snaps but as soon as you realize how to fit it to your baby it is actually very easy.
Places I like to order from….

Mom’s Milk Boutique is my favorite! Super nice people and they are fast.
Fuzzi Bunz store.
Kelly’s Closet….you can rack up points here.
Green Mountain diapers. They have a lot of diaper info on this site. Their work horse diapers are wonderful. If you want cotton this is the place to get it! This is also where you can get the Mommy’s Touch covers.
On all the diapers and covers you have an option of snaps or velcro. They can both wear out and/or break and the velcro is easier, but I personally like the snaps much better. You can get a more customized fit with the snaps and I had a Bummis velcro cover that for some reason kept folding down and rubbed a horrible raw spot on my baby’s belly. (My others didn’t do this but now they make me nervous). But if you want quick and easy velcro is great.
Hemp and Bamboo inserts are more expensive but they are also more absorbent so keep that in mind if you have heavy wetters. If you are concerned about nighttime leaking buy a wool cover. I don’t have one because they are expensive but everyone I’ve heard of that uses them says you will have NO leaks. Most people just get one or two to have for nighttime. I am considering it myself.
Be sure to order by baby size, not age. I have huge babies and ended up with tight diapers at first. My son actually wore large from 4-12 months and then he fit into his mediums when he started to slim down.
Many of the stores sell seconds. They are often unused returned items from when mom’s buy sample packs and send back what they don’t want.
You can spend lots of money for certain brands and patterns and they are super cute ( like daddy’s diapers) but it is just for looks. They do not function any better.
Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. I would be glad to help.