Scars and cars

My car was injured a couple of years ago and it really turned out to be a good thing in a way.(another post).
So as I drive around the northern suburbs of Atlanta I am always impressed about the unusual volume of flashy and expensive cars. Since the down turn in the economy we have more of the not so new cars around but because the traffic dodgem cars is so prevalent here even some of the beautiful cars have scars. My car has a long bent bumped part on the passenger side that went from the front tire to the back bumper. A garbage truck backed down our street for trash and miss judged my car that was parked in the street that day. I am partially disabled so it was to keep me from the major stairs in my garage.
So it is less dented thanks to my husband and we managed to spray some similar color paint over the rust and nicks. So the car has a scar, no one was hurt and since I get in the driver side I often forget the scar.
The Lord showed me that the scars on people, internal ones are not so easy to see. One car is dented in the corner, someone clipped it, the person that was ran over or sideswiped at work, does not show. It could be the lady you are standing behind in the grocery line.
When I wait in a line the Lord told me He could show me the scars. I worried, and asked what would I do with that information? He said I could pray for them. I agreed.
I am no one special, you can do this too.