Grandchildren and the Word of God

Psalm 119:15Amplified Bible (AMP)
15 I will meditate on your precepts and have respect to your ways [the paths of life marked out by your law].

Meditate is a word for ponder. It means to think about. There are several scriptures referring to meditate and almost synonymous with prayer. Gen 24:62-64, Joshua 1:8, 1chronicles 16:9,, psalm 1:2, 2:1, 27:4 , lots of other words about studying or thinking, pondering the word of God. As a child I learned the 23rd psalm so young that I do not remember not knowing it. Memorization sometimes seems like works and often takes scriptures to drudgery. I was praying about a way to make learning and meditating on the word of God in a new way for my grandchildren. (two boys 9 and 7) Our pastor had taught us to learn one verse at a time and ponder it long enough that you are truly ready for more. He actually referred to each verse as an adopted child. That each one became as special as one of your children in the way you “know” the verse. Graham Cooke (prophetic teacher had an experience where the Lord wanted him to spend six months on one psalm until he truly had understood the words. Early Christians meditated on words from the Bible differently than we do in our fast paced world of digital and instant everything.(see lectio divina)
The Lord gave me an idea through one of my prayer minister friends. We were meeting with Jesus and we both had the revelation to write each verse on a card and we made the verses into a scavenger hunt by hiding them all through the house. Then they had to trade and swap until each have the six verses they needed. I started with the new living translation because I felt like it was easy to understand in common language. learning the psalm So each day during Christmas break the boys learn one more verse. I also let them have a dollar for each verse learned that way they could have holiday money for buying presents for others. I heard a teaching about us giving ways to earn money to our children or just giving them money to buy presents for others and it suggested that God gave those inclinations to us because that is how He is to us. He gives us gifts that we cultivate and give back to Him. One is the gift of worship or dance , music and singing. What ever gifts he has given us he allows us to have them to give back to Him in serving others. I find that as I do what we do in prayer ministry, when God heals someone, being present in that moment He always gives me a revelation about who He is that is a gift for me as well as what He is doing for someone else.
Another really exciting thing that I have learned is how to teach kids how to pray for their enemies. My husband had a coworker that had such anger issues at work that people were trying to avoid him. As we prayed for him God somehow made a teaching on the tongue sink into that man’s head and as he became aware of how he sounded he started to change. Only God can do that.
That is the way He is. Continue reading Grandchildren and the Word of God

pumpkin cooking

painted pumpkin
painted pumpkin so we can cook it later
One of my daughters-in-law that grew up on the farm went to make a pumpkin pie. She wanted to do it “from scratch”. She had only seen canned pumpkin so she thought when you cut up the pumpkin it would be soft inside. I thought maybe some others do not know and I am not sure where I learned so I will post some pictures of the pumpkin. First is the picture of the pumpkin we painted a face on (left from fall holidays) so we could roast it and mash it into cooking pumpkin for pies and baked goods. The pumpkin did not sit in a warm place too long. Here in North Georgia cool nights and warm days can rot a vegetable pretty quickly. The pumpkin was sliced and roasted and then I used my Ninja blender to make puree.*
Of course you can cook and eat a pumpkin as a roasted squash such as acorn, cut and roasted you can add oil or butter and seasonings that you prefer. Then we scooped out the string in the center and separated the seeds. I had some bacon grease in the baking pan from earlier so I stirred the seeds in the grease before roasting with a little sea salt.
roasted oumpkin seeds
roasted pumpkin seeds using bacon grease for oil
That was a hit but I should have set them on paper towels at the end because they did come out a bit too greasy. I tried to warm them a second time to wipe off some the grease and I think that would have worked but I let them burn, they were already pretty toasted. Sometimes my switching multitasking gets the better of me and I have too many things going at once. I really hate to spoil food.
So we made puree and I froze it. It seemed a little wet but when I began to thaw the first to use I found the plastic freezer bags leaked. I put two cups per quart bag so that I could either double the recipe or make two things for each bunch of thawed pumpkin.
pureed pumpkin
baked pumpkin run through food processor

What worked is to put it in a bowl as it thawed and since the puree lost some of the water, the pumpkin puree was actually more the texture of canned so I used it like that. It was almost good to have less water. Haven’t made cookies yet but I am thinking about that. I have been experimenting with no gluten or decreased (for many reasons, see health posts) The cobbler I made had blueberries and apples with the pumpkin. Not sure I liked that combination. The apple and pumpkin muffins worked well and the apples helped the gluten free flours not be so dry and crumbly. I finally broke down and used more tapioca flour and that also helped.*1

*I recently acquired the least expensive Ninja food blender, after seeing and using one my son had. I would like the more expensive model because we had to hold the lid to keep it grinding. It worked and I am not a huge food processor theses days. Might like the bigger food processor, if I was producing the food for a large family. It worked great for chopping zucchini for zucchini burgers, but this one is great for most of our ordinary needs.

food processor that is cheap and works
inexpensive processor for pumpkin puree