Woodlawn the Movie, Review and Happy Thanksgiving

There are many new movies right now with some very profound support with a Christian worldview. It is good that the movie industry is finally listening, but there is a particular group that is producing most of the great movies. Woodlawn is one of them. I was hesitant to go to another football movie. I do not mind football but I consider it a very violent sport and sometimes I hate to think of the reality of how much suffering it causes later in others. I personally feel like the intense sports cause people to sell their bodies, that is my humble opinion.
The movie does some really cool special effects regarding being on the field and having a perspective more like the one on the field. Definitely a great cinema technique.
Two things I noticed. The hero has a very supportive family. The movement at the time swept through the students in spite of the government trying to stop the faith movement. I did not really want to tell about the story many websites will give you the trailer and the basics. I want to tell you what God spoke to me while I watched.
God said there is hope and the only way you all can love one another is through me. Those kids had to have me, to end the hate and doubt. Now fear and the dangers are all around us, the government is more out to stop the citizens and you cannot trust anyone. Jesus went where there was tension. Jesus went where the people were sinners, and truth be told many but a remnant that claim Christ, are living in the sin camp. We are all at different levels of sin habits being broken. The level of sin being broken comes with the level with which we surrender our hearts to the living, talking Holy Spirit and when God tells us to do something we act on it even if we complain a little on the way.

I was angry with my husband the other day and the Lord heard me out. My command was to tell my husband how much I was grateful for his hard work as a provider. I argued, no God you didn’t hear me. I am complaining that he is providing in an incorrect way, not in a way that helps us. He is gone all the time so he doesn’t have to have relationship with me. Then I heard, go tell him what I said., I did it and I shut up.

Recently the Lord has directed me to pray for our neighborhood. When I began to do that I had an angry neighbor two doors down get in my face to tell me he wanted nothing to do with me.
I began to pray blessing over him and he moved in thirty days. I am still blessing him, something cruel in his life made him that angry.

Only through experience with Christ can we live in obedience to that still small voice. But when I obey God is always giving me an adventure.
Only when we are obedient can we love one another as Christ directed so that others may see we are His disciples and that is different.
Happy Thanksgiving.