A parable about Bonnie

In a far away village a baby came.  She had peculiar trait. She had two bony growths on either side of her legs about the knees.  In this village they either thought that was very good luck or bad.
Because she wanted to find her family she had a very open heart. This made the people see her as very special. Then one day a man came to the village and he gave her the name of Bony. But after awhile everyone called her Bonnie. When she learned to talk she asked everyone if they were her mother. Then one day she knew the kind man was her special adopted father so she called him special.

He taught her that her Father in Heaven thought she was beautiful.  He was her true Father. Then one day she began to see Jesus walking with her and talking with her. She didn’t have a mother so she still asked everyone she met, if they were her mother. When they asked her about her parents she would tell them about her special father. Their hearts would open and then she taught them about her real Father in Heaven.  Then she would tell them about Jesus. She didn’t understand why everyone could not see Him. One day Jesus told her that only people that believed that He was real could see him.

One day Bonnie asked Jesus why she couldn’t see her mother because she believed that she was real, and she still didn’t see her. Jesus explained that when she was born her mother was real and then she went to stay with Jesus’ Father in Heaven. That one day they would all go there and be with her. She didn’t want to wait but,  then she quit asking people if they were her mother. Jesus wanted her to talk about Him to other people so He suggested that she ask people if they could see Him. Some could, so they would smile and nod when she bragged on Jesus and shared how much He loved her and she loved Him. Some would not and really didn’t have the time to hear about Jesus. That made Him sad. Then others wanted to hear but just couldn’t see Him. Bonnie kept telling people about Him because she could. Some people saw Him, some didn’t, but her heart was open so she kept asking.

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