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Welcome to Nana’s words of wisdom.

Thanks for stopping in.
I have been a nana for 14 years and I know a thing or two about Life, health, and Relationships.
In life I have learned that relationships and our health are the greatest gifts in life.
As a retired dental professional and amateur food raiser and a mother of four, Nana to 9. I have discovered some truth that I share in my blog.
In life relationships are everything and food plays a major part in our health so I write about both.
Under relationships with grandchildren I cover the gamut, things we need to know as a Nana.
My life has found the spiritual and physical are intertwined and that all plays into our good health. Having lost my health I also explored how relationship brought me closer to God as I understand Him and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
I am a prayer minister now helping people connect with Jesus so He can be the counselor He promised to be. Relationships were Gods’ idea so I write about that.
I write about gardening as a part of health building.
I post one time a month at least.
Please stop by again and give me comments if you have a topic that Nanas need to know about. Or if I represent Nanas you didn’t have or have no more, let me know what you want to discuss.
Nana ( Alias Irene Bell)

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Wisdom for life, health and relationships- what really matters

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