After Christmas

The Christmas tree is put away, the bells and stars are in the box, but the angel is still on the fireplace. Ever since we found a fun angel to inspire the grandchildren I do not put that away. And of course the one string of lights on the balcony stays up for an occasional treat with the grandkids to get a little Christmas spirit in between times.(OK. They could have been talking about me when they sang a country song about leaving the porch lights up all year. I would do that but my husband put the lights away without me L)  So this year all four of my children got together with seven grandchildren and all the effort and cooking and planning became a sweet treat to me and my husband. On Christmas morning with my oldest sons four babies,  the four year old put a bow on my robe and said to me “Nana, you are my Christmas present.” I have replayed those word in my head and treasured the sweet smile and voice that gave me acceptance and love with no expectation in return.I was just doing a study on Worship, allowing our Father  spirit to spirit  to know we love and value the most significant thing in life, our relationship to the creator. As we fast the first 21 days of 2011 we are acknowledging an importance to be in relationship with our Lord as the most important thing that we do. One song I sing says, You(God) are the air that I breathe. In the article I read that God is waiting for us to worship Him spontaneously with a response maybe a bit like the thrill that I got from my grandson. Time together was the gift.  So I began to think if I come to the Creator I love so much enough, No never enough. But if I can just worship as I wake each day and consider that He is the first and last thing I  want to do with my day I believe that I will have and continue to have a grasp on the grace (rivers of joy unleashed in my heart..) that He promises us as believers. What a great exchangenana you are my gift
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