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faith in relationships, it is all about relationship with God through Jesus and holy spirit

Deanna Favre and faith

Deanna Favre wrote a book with a pastor. The Cure for the Chronic Life. She is in the news right now because her husband is for possible infidelity or at least disloyal behavior. It is great that people everywhere want to help share their ways of going through struggles. It seems obvious that the struggle with discussing faith in public(in the USA) requires people to quietly leave out the name of Jesus in the public discussion. Is it just a trick to get people to read and understand the possibility of a spirit that can actually be a part of the character of a man. Heavy stuff and I realize that in the world of sound bites it is hard to really represent Jesus with a sound bite. But it is apparent that here could be power in the name itself or it would not be so conspicuosly be left out of public discussions. People get upset when you say the name of Jesus. Having a relationship with our creator through the son Jesus Christ is a concept hard to understand to those that are not given the measure of faith to hear and believe. If the name itself is a part of the power would not the mere mention of the name claim those that have ” ears to hear.”  It seems so in other cultures world wide but then I expect that there is a method to the madness in our culture that claims to be more politically or socially correct not to say His name because that may be what makes the different  in listening or not. Could it be the strategy of those who want to stop Jesus from being preached. Eventually when you get to that point it will be the name that makes or breaks the relationship. I would like to hear from you on whether the name or not should be left out and the word faith used entice people into looking at what it is that helps people go through the trials of life. When I am in trouble, hurting or have need of help it is the name of Jesus and a true relationship with Jesus that really makes my faith.