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Granola without a recipe.

To eat grains or not, so many questions about food these days. I will discuss some of these things in the non recipes that I create for you.
Set yourself free and realize food is chemistry of patterns. There are many things you can put together and your preference is like culture, everyone has different tastes. Most people have several basic family foods they are used to and modifying them is the key to better health. There is a lot of different information to get into about food and digestion today but that will be another discussion. I eat granola . I love to eat certain ways so I cook. I eat oatmeal in a lightly cooked homemade granola. The food industry puts too much sweetener and preservatives and salt in our foods so they subtly keep us addicted and coming back for more. If you are gluten sensitive you can buy gluten free oats. I believe that just means that the oatmeal is not prepared on equipment that other gluten products contain.
Basic ingredients is oats but any grain can be rolled like oats are and flattened so you could use other grain flakes. I also add flax seeds often and sometimes quinoa or millet. I do not have digestive issues since I have been on protandim (more information on that on my website.)
I usually use some kind of chopped nuts, walnuts or pecans and almonds are my favorites. I keep raw nuts in my freezer because if they are good they will spoil rather quickly.
So we have grains(oatmeal, quinoa , millet or any choice you like.) and nuts. Then I wet the ingredients before I roast them. I use one part water, one part oil and one part honey, or half honey and maple syrup. You can replace any sweetener that you prefer. I may make a syrup with raw sugar, or brown sugar, for variety, or molasses I use in the winter for a more hearty flavor and some extra vitamins. Oil choices can be part coconut, I use light olive oil, can be any other oil you prefer. I would try for cold pressed oils.
For a container of rolled oats, I usually have three- four cups of liquid. I mix and wet everything in the bowl then spread on cookie sheets to roast. 300. degrees is good. I watch it carefully and stir at least one time. I prefer almost raw so I barely brown the ingredients. I usually buy plain yogurt, add a bit of granola and lightly sweeten with maple syrup or natural fruit jam, or fresh fruit.
This is nothing like what you buy in the store. It requires good teeth, lots of chewing and someone who has begun to train themselves to not eat such sweet food all the time. Happy granola.

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