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Good Friday, review the movie Risen

Today is Good Friday. This is a Western calendar anomaly. Those of you know anything about Easter, that needs to occur after Passover. Passover in 2016 is at the end of April. Without getting into a long conversation about calendars let me assure you that the early church in the original Easter happened after Passover. This is one thing that the Orthodox Church has correct, Greek included. The story of the communion is about the last supper with Jesus and the disciples so if you cannot get them together on the calendar it is a bit off.

But I digress my purpose today is to review the movie Risen. What a good visual to celebrate Good Friday on 2016.
The stark terrain and the brutal life that Jesus chose to appear in was a backdrop for the impact of the culture on the Story of Jesus.
The brutality of the times and the continuation of such in our world today is a motivator of looking into what this Man that Rose is all about. He came and He touched so many, then He died and before He returned to his father He touched many still. He had so much power in His love that the followers of Him continued to do miracles and we see that the true followers are still part of the signs and wonders and miracles of Jesus.
The part of the movie that spoke to me the most was the way they portrayed a personal savior, one of real relationship. He hugged and comforted the men and the truth was that He knew their needs before they asked including the newest believer. The human politic aside and the details of how we get most things off is that God’s son came to proclaim His love and take on the retribution for our lives to become righteous through Christ. A simple yet complex idea. In the movie they said you have seen Him but what faith of those that have not seen Him. I tell you today if you ask and wait and pray you can see Him today. He is really there. If you want more information contact me. bellbecker55@yahoo.com
Good movie Risen.
Celebrate Easter two times this year to get the idea of the Gift of Jesus.

Poem for Praise

blooming amaryllis
pink blooming amaryllis

Today I read about a prophet,
who said Who am I,
but then I realized that who I am
is a friend of God, a lover of God.

What a gift of the relationship
that we are given through Christ.
That the creator of the stars, the plants, the animals,
The planet, the universe,
Knows me, and want to have me crawl into His lap.

And hold Him and hold me, because He is holy and love.

Some say we can become Holiness, but God says only through the righteousness of Christ. I am His because He says so if I believe in Him.

The miracle of Christ is that we are chosen first , then His spirit allows the relationship that we crave.
When it is fulfilled and I mean FULL
We are complete.

When full the rest is an overflow made to ripen our fruit becauseThat is for His people, they will know Him by the way we love one another.

Life is Messy

I was looking for Bible commentaries, trying to tap into another’s mind about some of the mysteries of scripture. I know that in my relationship with Jesus I can tap into what He says about His own words, but sometimes I like a human person to show me how others may think, and go astray or process. I feel the work I do with ministering is to understand how to lead people to their own relationship with Jesus. I am always searching for understanding of other’s thinking process. He never leaves us or forsakes us. He is the Source for life and truth.
As I researched I ran across an article about mental illness. The story was about a person that is a cutter or self harming individual. I do know the power of the Holy Spirit to invade our minds and transform our ways of thinking but often it does not come easily or quite in the way we would think or like to see. In this story the young woman ended up in a mental health facility but in the process of healing she had an experience that fully equipped her to reach out to the next person that God brought into her life. She was able to reach out with personal revelation, and hang out with the student as she walked her own path into mental health treatment. Our processes are never quite as efficient as the creator. As we wait on God and follow the path He gives us to reach out to each person with their own uniqueness, I am reminded that life is messy. Situations often take time. Our time is not God’s. He has a plan and I find it usually does not look like the one I envisioned. Mostly that is good because as I look back I know that His plan was perfect and I did not have all perspectives.
Relationship is the key to all things. I have heard that if we master marriage we can develop a relationship with God. I have come to understand that the relationship with Jesus that is based on unconditional love is the pattern that we must learn in order to have any relationships.

Jesus is alive

Today we are deep into the season of summer and at our church we have a program called Breakthrough to Joy. I facilitate a small group we have after our praise team leads us to His spirit. Then we have a teaching . Then we have an hour small group. This program is developed by the Oaks of Righteousness team(the Robinsons and others) and they are in process to get the program on the web for others to enjoy. I have facilitated small groups for 6 years. The time I went to take the class myself, my father went home. I did not think he was going to be with my Jesus but I was shown by the Lord, that he is singing in His choir. Several faithful praying people reached him for Christ at the end of his 88 years. Amen. This program set me free, and I think the prayers and “outside of time” work that I did with Jesus has made a difference in my life, and I have seen it in my children’s lives. Until I came to Liberty church in Marietta, Ga.  I had never experienced anything like it and I have worked alongside of others to show everyone who wants to know that you can have an intimate relationship with Jesus.  He will set us free from wrong ways of doing and thinking. The principles are all in the Bible but when worked together to perfect a relationship with Jesus, He shows up and will change your heart, even the subconscious heart that we know not of. It strengthens families and the body of Christ for bringing Glory to our Lord. Check it out through Oaksofrighteousness.org, (we have one on one prayer ministry available) or through Liberty Church.org that is full of major resources from our talented teachers and pastors, it is all on the web.