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Fat Tuesday-Mardi Gras

Is it possible that on Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras, the Lord may be grieved. If He had disdain for us that so many put on the Lord, He might rejoice that tonight and for weeks before the Lenten holiday people will destroy themselves with sin. By the way, the only thing that Mardi Gras was stopped for was two world wars, enough sin going on there.
Ok, if you were a parent and you told your child that on Friday we will sit down and list all the bad things that you have done. Because I love you I want you to understand what those things are bad for you and how they have harmed you. Then because I have unconditional love for you I want you to know that I will forgive you. We will try to figure out better behavior that will keep you safe and will not make you sick.
But oh, if you have chopped your hand off with that axe I told you not to play with, or you have lung cancer cause I told you not to damage your body, well there is still a consequence to that. You cannot breath and you have no hand. So was that binge of revelry and ultimate rebellion even close to worth the loss of your hand, or the person that you harmed because you got so drunk in your blackout you raped a little girl by the name of Suzy. Was all that momentary supposed pleasure, that soon turns to vomiting and massive headaches even remotely resemble fun now?
If you are a parent can you even begin to imagine why this child that you love more than anything else wants to incessantly choose behavior that will hurt themselves and others.
Does the depravity and craziness of a debauching week or month or lifetime make any sense when you are on the outside looking in. I spent many years as a bartender and unfortunately to the bar help the drunk is never cute, or funny, just sad and pathetic…

So God does not want you to choose that and I DARE say that He is probably very sad that the Catholic church (pope Gregory X111 in 1582 made fat tues, the tues before ash wednesday) began the start of lent by spending weeks before practicing sin, as if we need practice…And the point was leading up to the biggest gift mankind received Jesus the Risen Lord on Easter. Boy, Satan has sure usurped that one in Mardi Gras. 🙂