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This really works-mosquito control

This really works.

We  have a creek in the backyard and I have mosquitoes. This is one of the most difficult things to overcome here in Georgia in order to enjoy the outdoors.

I have tried a lot of things.   Bonfires help yet that is impractical every time I sit outside. My daughter has  torches and they do help a lot on the outside with citronella oil. It doesn’t kill any just discourages them.

I know the trap works because I find a lot of the bugs in them.(see photos). You can use a soda bottle, but I have cut up various plastic bottles for the same effect. You use a tsp of yeast and cup of sweetener. I use the cheapest thing I have but brown sugar, honey , white sugar all work, and I bet corn  syrup would work. You mix warm water and yeast and sugar and put at the bottom of the cut plastic bottle then place the cut top upside down in the bottle. The funnel effect allows the co2 to be created and the bugs are attracted to the co2. The bugs  get  in the trap and cannot get out and drown mostly. I had many other bugs get caught  in this as well so I  will continue to try it for the fall when the yellow jackets come out. I have rabbits outside and the bugs buzz their ears.  I make a trap for either side of the cages to keep them from being bitten. See the photos.

2016 update. I have put mosquito traps nest to my rabbit cages because they annoy their ears. I recharge every three days. I really notice when I am out and they have not bee reset so I know that my traps make my backyard safer now we have so many diseases to concern with in mosquitos.
I have found my traps on the back deck will take care of flys and the cockroaches from outside are drowning too. I live in georgia and we have lots of bugs and many die in the traps.


For treating your body some people like the skin so soft spray and lavender oil mixed with various herbs will work. I just got a new spray with tea tree and lemon citrus plant, will see and report.

mosquito trap
this is a cut soda bottle
mosquito trap
mosquito trap
another bottle trap
mosquito trap