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A parable about Bonnie

In a far away village a baby came.  She had peculiar trait. She had two bony growths on either side of her legs about the knees.  In this village they either thought that was very good luck or bad.
Because she wanted to find her family she had a very open heart. This made the people see her as very special. Then one day a man came to the village and he gave her the name of Bony. But after awhile everyone called her Bonnie. When she learned to talk she asked everyone if they were her mother. Then one day she knew the kind man was her special adopted father so she called him special.

He taught her that her Father in Heaven thought she was beautiful.  He was her true Father. Then one day she began to see Jesus walking with her and talking with her. She didn’t have a mother so she still asked everyone she met, if they were her mother. When they asked her about her parents she would tell them about her special father. Their hearts would open and then she taught them about her real Father in Heaven.  Then she would tell them about Jesus. She didn’t understand why everyone could not see Him. One day Jesus told her that only people that believed that He was real could see him.

One day Bonnie asked Jesus why she couldn’t see her mother because she believed that she was real, and she still didn’t see her. Jesus explained that when she was born her mother was real and then she went to stay with Jesus’ Father in Heaven. That one day they would all go there and be with her. She didn’t want to wait but,  then she quit asking people if they were her mother. Jesus wanted her to talk about Him to other people so He suggested that she ask people if they could see Him. Some could, so they would smile and nod when she bragged on Jesus and shared how much He loved her and she loved Him. Some would not and really didn’t have the time to hear about Jesus. That made Him sad. Then others wanted to hear but just couldn’t see Him. Bonnie kept telling people about Him because she could. Some people saw Him, some didn’t, but her heart was open so she kept asking.

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Grief and Loss

It came like smoke that fills the top of the room. It flows through the ceiling and covers the eight foot ceiling above you. It fills the room slowly, steadily and then all of a sudden every cubic inch of air is suffocating with this evil presence. It is Grief. It is loss and it is pain. The whole room is filled and all of a sudden you cannot move and your arms do not want to move. You are looking at something trying to remember what it was you were doing.(oh, that could be old age..hehe). “Oh, where am I ?”  you ask in your mind, or maybe out loud, because it can make you lonely and you talk to yourself. You look around and you see people but at the same time you are alone. YOU are the one that cannot reach out. Because the grief has wrapped you as a thin layer of skin of pain, numbness and tingling all at once you cannot feel the presence of another.


It is grief. It is loss. When did it happen?. How did it happen? Why did it happen? There are no answers. You have not understood how it came upon you but you are like engulfed as if an octopus with the tentacles are wrapped around you and consider that the suction cups on you are sucking the life blood out of you. A serious layer of sorrow and indescribable tiredness overwhelms you. It can fall off the cliff and become full blown depression. But maybe not. There is a glimmer of light on the horizon. You hear a voice that reaches through the fog or smoke surrounding. You hear another person asking if they can make you some food. You stumble to the kitchen and sit and try to eat. It is not enticing. You can go through the motions but when you put food in your mouth you feel too tired to chew. You think if you could sleep you may be able to wake up and it will be gone. But then, you do it and when you wake, it is still there. You don’t know exactly what to do about it. Again a phone call. Someone says they are sorry. You wonder why they are sorry because they cannot possibly understand what you feel. You certainly do not. It is Grief, it is loss.


How do I get rid of it? Will it ever go away?. It seems it may not. Everyone in the house is touched and the pain continues. The dog even tiptoes around. She has understood. It was her sister, that she had never been away from for over thirty minutes. It is hers too. And the others in the house feel it although it was not their loved one that is gone.

From Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem In Memoriam:27, 1850:

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

When grief or loss pays a visit, this does not seem so true. As time will make a wound into a scar, we can almost believe this until we have a new love. As time changes the scar, we can massage it to help it heal. In spiritual ways there are things to talk out with God. When you have grief or loss you must go through it. I heard once it said if you are going through hell, do not stop. I think grief is like that. Do not plan to stay there but it is different for each one of us. Check out the http://www.petloss.com/rainbowbridge.htm if you have lost a pet. If you have a family member you may read Heaven is for Real., Or The Boy Who Went to Heaven.( Go through my Amazon.com Link and help us out) There are lots of tales of those that have died and have returned and have seen heaven. My most reliable story is the one about Jesus Christ and what he says about getting to heaven. There is one road.

I have lost both my parents, and many of my close pets. Grief does get more tolerable but the missing doesn’t go away. For me I focus on the good memories of the loss and that helps me handle what never leaves. Again, it is a process and my biggest grief is loosing much of my health. I may recover some of it, but aging often reduces it. That one just frustrates me and I need more prayer. Consider that another entry at another day.