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Poem for Praise

blooming amaryllis
pink blooming amaryllis

Today I read about a prophet,
who said Who am I,
but then I realized that who I am
is a friend of God, a lover of God.

What a gift of the relationship
that we are given through Christ.
That the creator of the stars, the plants, the animals,
The planet, the universe,
Knows me, and want to have me crawl into His lap.

And hold Him and hold me, because He is holy and love.

Some say we can become Holiness, but God says only through the righteousness of Christ. I am His because He says so if I believe in Him.

The miracle of Christ is that we are chosen first , then His spirit allows the relationship that we crave.
When it is fulfilled and I mean FULL
We are complete.

When full the rest is an overflow made to ripen our fruit becauseThat is for His people, they will know Him by the way we love one another.