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How to get a beautiful, wonderful gift, a word loving grandchild

I finally Got One

I asked my eight year old grandson what his favorite book was and he said my student dictionary. He showed me how well he reads by reading the first word a. Interesting that the word is an article. Hmm that sounds rather archaic.

In this land of such fast changes technology and massive amounts of information, it is hard to imagine teaching English with all the archaic words used to describe words. The language changes so much, so quickly. Where he lives, in apartments, the languages in colloquial southern Ebonics are frequently not familiar to me his older grandmother.
I am a writer and was born to write, so I am thrilled to have a word lover around. It is hard to understan the best way tohep these children learn”proper” English.
The exciting thing is that he loves words. We played a game with letters and he actually worked hard to do the game and enjoyed it.. His brother was not at all interested. He is number 6 grandson but have to say I do have a granddaughter that is a great storyteller and at age 11 is able to read prolifically. She said she wanted to read about the women that slayed the dragon not the same old, knight rescues princess after he slays the dragon. I think she may have to write those stories.
I am very grateful that all my children have taught their children to be avid readers. In this age of technology communication much takes place with reading and writing. Even in many video games in order to play with someone online you must be able to type and read.
I prefer the written word to most audio. I can read a script of the video by skimming it and take half the time that it would take to watch or listen to process the information. I can skim paragraphs lead sentences and decide whether the information is worth spending more time or processing auditorily. It is easy to get addicted to information and on the Internet it’s easy to go down many roads unintentional and distracting.
I read a research project http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/read-paying-kids-excel-school-work-article- Some were paid for attendance, some were paid for performance, and some were paid to just read and read a lot with comprehension. I have seen others that suggest we should just teach reading up to third grade and then excellent readers can comprehend math in new ways with applications for problem solving not just routines that have rules.
It seems so constant that if we teach youngsters good reading skills then they will be able to access information that they need.
I believe they should learn good research techniques rather young and be able to evaluate who has created the information so they can have validity for what they are listening to.

My own children were not great readers until they had things to read that they were interested in.
I am grateful to watch my own children, who are good readers, pass that on to the next generation.